If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it- Dr. John H Kennell

Are you looking for a little extra support through the actual birth?
Got that sorted! We can meet up through your pregnancy, get to know each-other a little, hold hands, look into each-other’s eyes a little…. oh…. hang on this isn’t a date is it?! But seriously, we need to make sure we get along, let’s catch up! Give me a call on 0420 371 978 to organise to meet (no obligation I promise), or shoot me an email. You can also go snooping to see what else a doula does (it’s more than just hand holding and massage I assure you!).

Some partners are a little hesitant in supporting a doula because they don’t want to have their job as birth support usurped by someone they don’t know- and fair enough!

I can promise you that I absolutely don’t want to see this happen either. My role as doula is to help guide you both as you labour and birth, I may show your partner some massage, or take over while he has a break- but I don’t want to take away their role as birth support (unless that is what you both want).
I am also there to help with communication with your care provider, to help you explore options, and to help you stay on track for having the birth you want.
I will also be there while the rest of the care team are rushing in and out while they care for multiple mothers at once. Not me- I am there for you, and you only!

Doula is Greek and literally means Women Helper. The services of a doula varies not only by doula, but also by client. I tailor my support to meet the needs of the women and families that I am working with.

A doula is most generally an experienced birth attendant, someone who is able to support you through your pregnancy and labour, easing the transition into motherhood.

Some of the services provided by a doula includes:

  • Providing information regarding birth choices (procedures, care provider, etc)
  • Emotional support (during pregnancy birth and after)
  • Birth support (massage, emotional support, labor coaching, acupressure, natural pain relief etc)
  • Taking photos during labor, and after the birth
  • Helping to clean up if at a home birth
  • Helping to establish breastfeeding

After the birth a doula can still be of assistance for:

  • Helping with cooking and cleaning
  • Giving Mum a break to look after herself for a bit
  • Helping take care of older children
  • Ongoing emotional support for mothers
  • Exploring options in regards to parenting
  • Assist in settling, and feeding of baby

 Often when faced with the prospect of birth women have fear- especially if it is their first baby, or a subsequent pregnancy after a traumatic birth.

There is often little continuity of care through pregnancy through to the post partum period, you may find yourself having to explain your wishes and expectations to a host of different care providers who may have differing views or ideas to you.
A doula is a continuous support through pregnancy, birth and post partum. The you and I are able to grow a trusting relationship that you are able to lean on during birth.
I will be able to arm you (and your partner) with tools to use during the birth to ensure you are both provided with all information before making choices. Many of the procedures performed during labour and birth are based on hospital protocol and put in place for the doctors benefit- not that of the mother or baby.
Doulas use evidence based information to ensure the women and her baby are provided with information that is centred on their best interests.
For more information on the actual services a I provide as a doula please visit the Doula Services page.

For research that has been conducted on the benefits of having a doula, please visit the Research page.