If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any – Diana Korte

What did you want to talk about?
A little apprehensive about the upcoming birth? I can understand that, there are so many horror stories out there- but birth doesn’t have to be like that! Knowledge= power, and you can hold ALL the power (is it wrong I want to evil laugh when I say that?), you just need to get some birth ed-u-cay-shon yo!
Don’t worry though- it isn’t all talk, books, snoring etc, it is lots of activities, learning skills, and actual skills you can use. So much more exciting than hospital classes (I promise!)

Childbirth Education provides you and your partner with the knowledge and tools needed to help achieve the birth that you want.
The information covered includes- the birth process, pain management techniques, interventions, breastfeeding, birth location, bringing your baby home, as well as any other topics you may wish to cover. I have classes on specific topics, or a general course- the choice is yours.
Because I am independent from all hospitals I am able to offer you unbiased information that is based on the best available evidence rather than “routine practice”. I will aim to provide you with all the information that you require to have the birth you want, as well as to prepare you for becoming a parent.
You have the choice of attending either group classes (small groups with no more than 5 couples/ 10 people), or private classes for just you and your partner.
The content of what is taught will be tailored to meet your specific needs. For example if you have already had a baby and just need a refresher then you will not need to go over everything in as much detail, you may just need some clarification on different aspects of birth. Or you may be a teen Mum, who is feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and needs some guidance. Each program will be designed to meet your specific needs.
Whether you are wanting to give birth at home, at hospital with or without drugs, or at a birth-centre, I will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help achieve this. I will not judge your choices, but will provide you with the most up to date, evidence based information allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your care.
You can ask to focus on any aspect of birth that you are concerned about, whether it is avoiding a caesarean, natural pain management techniques, active birthing methods, all the different drugs or something entirely different – the choice is entirely yours!
Send me an email today to organise your own personal class.