Breastfeeding is a gift that lasts a lifetime – Author Unknown

Once the baby is out, then what? Breastfeeding can be cloaked in so much stigma- when, where, how, why… I’m not going to judge you for your decisions, I would just like to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals whatever they are.
Though just to warn you, I do have some limitations as a breastfeeding counsellor, for example I don’t think I could help you achieve breastfeeding while sky diving (how cool would that be!?).
I am here right now, but I can be there with you soon. Just call!

Unfortunately less and less people are feeding their children naturally via the breast. Breast is not best- Breastfeeding is normal!
Many woman give up because they feel they lack the support required to establish a quality breastfeeding relationship with their new baby.
As I work with many new mothers, it only seems natural that I acquire the skills required to help you develop a rewarding breastfeeding relationship with your new baby.
WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends a minimum of two years breastfeeding, with exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months. This is nowhere near the norm in our society, and we would like to try and ensure that it does not become a dying art, but a part of our lives that is NORMAL and expected.
Nearly every woman has her own breastfeeding issues, whether it is cracked nipples, supply problems (over or under), latch problems (often leading to cracked/painful nipples), weaning, or something completely different- the aim of a breastfeeding counsellor is to work with the Mum and baby to gain a good feeding relationship that nurtures and nourishes everyone involved.
Having experienced very different breastfeeding challenges with each of my children, I am more than aware of the strain and difficulty experienced when it just doesn’t seem to be working out. However after perseverance and patience, the majority of women are able to successfully breastfeed providing they are given adequate support and information. Given the right information, advice and support, many women are able to overcome their breastfeeding issues.
As a Breastfeeding Counsellor I am able to offer up-to-date, evidence based information that is practical and easy for you to use. Consultations can occur face to face or over the phone/skype to ensure you have the level of support that you require. Time will be spent watching you feed and helping you make adjustments where needed. Follow ups will be performed to ensure that your ongoing relationship is being nurtured and you have the support you require.
Some of the reasons you may think about contacting me include (but are not limited to):
  • Supply issues/ worried whether you baby is getting enough milk (over or under supply)
  • Initiating breastfeeding
  • Sorting out feeding/sleeping overnight
  • Illness in either you or your baby
  • Medications and breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding in special circumstances – premature, NICU, multiples etc
  • Painful feeding
  • Baby not wanting to feed at the breast
  • Induced or relactation

Shoot me an email or call me 0420 371 978 and I would love to help you reach your breastfeeding goals- whatever they are!